Corporate Datacom / Network Cable Installation

Category 6a F/UTP Cable
Figure 1. Category 6a F/UTP facilitates up to 10 Gigabit performance.
  • Expanding your Ethernet network, reconfiguring your environment, or taking possession of a new premises?
    We can address your wired connectivity requirements.

  • Are your printers, computers, or other network-attached devices poorly placed due to cabling limitations?
    Establish a more productive environment by allowing us to resolve these ergonomic issues for you.

  • Adding or relocating network-attached devices?
    We'll provide Ethernet network connectivity with outlets placed where you need them.

  • Upgrading your cable infrastructure to achieve greater network performance or reliability?
    We can pull and terminate a new cable plant for you, or assist your people with the task.

  • Need to make repairs to your existing cable infrastructure?
    No job is too small. We understand that even a small job, can represent a large hurdle for your business.  We'll make the repairs necessary to restore Ethernet network connectivity.

  • Experiencing WiFi wireless connectivity issues due to sub-optimal Wireless Access Point (WAP) placement?
    We can resolve these WAP placement issues for you.

Why choose Endeavor Networks Inc.?

Endeavor Networks uses quality components and datacom cabling with recognized branding, to ensure reliability, and facilitate up to 10 Gigabit (Gbps) Ethernet performance (Fig. 1).  We install plenum rated, Category 6/5e UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) or Category 6a F/UTP (Foil Twisted Pair) cabling, depending on your application requirements.  We adhere to stringent installation practices, and we treat the cable with respect.

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