Corporate Network Diagnosis

Network Protocol Dissection
Figure 1. Capturing frames, and interpreting events through protocol analysis, are critical diagnostic skills that we possess.
  • Unable to resolve an issue due to your inability to see or interpret what is happening on the wire?
    We can visualize network traffic with a network protocol analyzer (sniffer), provide interpretation (Fig. 1), and a diagnosis.

  • Examination of a network segment reveals traffic that should not be there?
    We'll review the configuration of your network devices, and implement the Access Control Lists (ACLs) or security features necessary to address the concern.

  • Need to investigate Syslog (system log) entries which indicate that a configuration or security issue exists?
    We'll identify the cause and take corrective action.

  • Suspect a routing error may be the cause of your (inter)network connectivity issue(s)?
    We'll review your routing tables, assess your routing configuration, and determine the cause.

  • Telecommuters reporting failed Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections to the corporate network?
    We'll restore your secure VPN connections, and the employee productivity they represent.

  • Suspect a network cabling issue?
    We'll test your Ethernet cable plant (patch panels, cabling, outlets, patch cords), and resolve any faults that are identified.

  • Experiencing another issue, not described here?
    Contact us. We may be able to guide you to a resolution.

Why choose Endeavor Networks Inc.?

Endeavor Networks possesses the knowledge, experience, and diagnostic tools necessary to resolve your networking issues in a timely manner, and restore the function and / or security of key resources.

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