Corporate Network Documentation

Accurate and comprehensive documentation is a critical element in maintaining control of your network.  Used appropriately, it will minimize configuration errors that can result in increased down time, and compromised network security.  It will protect you from the ill affects of technical staffing transitions.  An organized reference of your network's configuration is a common starting point for diagnosis, and a valuable tool in reducing time-to-resolution.

Corporate Network Documentation
Figure 1. Our network documentation is asset worthy.

Corporate network documentation from Endeavor Networks may include:

  • Visual representations (topological drawings) of your network, overlayed with relevant configuration parameters.

  • Security policy statements, routing tables, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), and other operational deployments.

  • Infrastructure device (e.g.: firewall, gateway, routers, switches, wireless access points) configuration, and software image backup.

  • A reference table correlating device hostnames and / or aliases, with corresponding Media Access Control (MAC) addresses, and Internet Protocol (IP) address reservations.

  • Internet Services Provider (ISP) assigned Internet connection parameters.

  • A patch panel legend which maps ports to corresponding service locations.

  • A reference table of device interconnections.

  • Other implementation specific parameters relevant to your operations.

Quality documentation is an asset (Fig. 1).  A poorly documented network hinders future development and the restoration of network services in times of trouble.  Don't take unnecessary risks with the financial health of your business or its reputation.  Ensure that appropriate investments are made in documenting your network.

Why choose Endeavor Networks Inc.?

We are accurate and thorough in our documentation efforts.  We capture an implementation's configuration, and its design philosophy.  Our documentation enables technical staff to get dialed-in quickly, and without the repetitive expense of discovery.

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