Corporate Network Security Solutions

Security Solution Perimeter Security

Securing your network perimeter is a core responsibility, and a critical element in the protection of your information stores, and key business functions.  Your edge device(s) need to enforce adequate security policies.  Transiting traffic should be limited to the specific applications and protocols your business requires, and intrusion prevention mechanisms should be utilized to protect the network from protocol vulnerabilities and attacks.

Endeavor Networks will implement a hardware firewall configured to enforce the security policies your business requires, or enhance the configuration of your existing device to protect your network perimeter from unauthorized access.  We will install and configure security software if desired, discuss security policies and safe practices that will contribute to the protection of your business data, and mitigate the potential risks of your employee's Internet activities.


Security Solution Departmental Security

Approximately 70 percent of network attacks originate from within the network.  Appropriate investments are necessary to curb internal mischief and malicious acts, which represent a substantial threat to the corporation.

Internal security devices (firewalls, routers, etc.) may be used to enforce inter-departmental security policies that restrict an internal user’s access to the resources required by their job function.  Alternatively, Virtual LANs (VLANs) and Inter-VLAN routing may be adequate, depending on the corporate environment.  IP Security (IPSec) tunneling and other methods may be used to secure the protocols used to manage the network infrastructure, further protecting the network and its resources from harm. As with any security deployment, network event logging/monitoring should be implemented to increase security awareness, and aid troubleshooting and forensics.

Endeavor Networks will review your current security policies and implementation, then address your security needs with the necessary remedial actions.


Security Solution Virtual Private Networks

If you or your employees are hindered by a lack of secure access to the business' resources while away from the office, then Virtual Private Networking (VPN) is the solution for you.  Virtual Private Networking provides the ability to securely connect to a private network through an unsecured public network such as the Internet, using authentication and encryption methods.  VPN will enable remote employees to access your resources in a private and secure manner, without compromising the security of your network.  It may also be used to establish private connections between peer networks, such as business partners.

Endeavor Networks will provide and install a suitable VPN device, or utilize the capabilities of an existing device to protect your data and communications from tampering and eavesdropping as they traverse the Internet.

By providing secure access to the business' information and resources when needed, from wherever needed, you will enhance the productivity and effectiveness of your mobile workforce.


Security Solution Other Security Initiatives

  • Deploying a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) for the provisioning of X.509 digital certificates, to enhance your VPN, or implement secure e-mail via S/MIME (Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions)?
  • Contemplating other security initiatives not described here?

Contact us.  We may be able to assist you with your needs.

Why choose Endeavor Networks Inc.?

We have demonstrated success in security infrastructure deployment, and policy execution.  We are attentive to the details, and we thoroughly document our work.  Most importantly, we prove our work.  We are familiar with Cisco IOS based devices.

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