Eyes and Ears Support

Eyes and Ears Support
Figure 1. Sometimes, you just want someone to follow your technical lead.
  • Have the technical skills in-house, but trying to resolve a branch office issue remotely, without the availability of on-site technical staff?
    We'll provide a local on-site presence to facilitate the resolution of your network issues.

  • Trying to resolve a branch office issue remotely, without the necessary diagnostic tools?
    We can visualize and interpret branch network traffic with a network protocol analyzer (sniffer), and / or test suspect network cabling.

  • Need to document some aspect of your branch office network, or observable symptoms?
    We can document whatever is important to you.

  • Need to educate a branch office employee to identify and resolve network issues?
    We'll provide a solid technical foundation that will enable them to resolve issues locally.

When you want to lead, and just need a proxy to execute (Fig. 1), we can fulfill that roll too.

Why choose Endeavor Networks Inc.?

Endeavor Networks will mitigate the difficulties in resolving your remote office issues, and reduce your time-to-resolution with effective communications, and diagnostic abilities.

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