IT Networking Services

Our networking services are centred on our experiences with subneted and managed Local Area Networks (LANs), and internetworks.  We provide IT services to clients in Corporate, Small Office / Home Office (SOHO), and Residential environments.

We provide the following services:

  • Installation of datacom cabling that can facilitate up to 10 Gigabit (Gbps) Ethernet performance.
    We install plenum rated Category 6/5e UTP (Unshielded Twisted Pair) or Category 6a F/UTP (Foil Twisted Pair) cabling, depending on your application requirements.

  • Installation and configuration of network devices such as routers, multi-layer switches, WiFi wireless access points (WAPs), and hosts (computers).
    We address connectivity, security, and performance requirements.  We are familiar with Cisco IOS devices.

  • Documentation of your network's configuration.
    Our documentation will help you maintain control of your (inter)network; minimize configuration errors, and provide a valuable starting point for diagnosis and further development.

  • Diagnosis of your LAN or internetwork.
    We can visualize network traffic with a network protocol analyzer, provide interpretation, and a diagnosis.  We can also test your cable plant, and resolve faults that are identified.

  • Local "eyes and ears" support.
    When you have the IT skills in-house, but you're trying to resolve a branch office issue remotely, without on-site IT staff or diagnostic tools, we can be your proxy.

  • Client education.
    We can provide a tailored educational experience that will instill confidence, and improve your competence with networking technologies.  The knowledge gained will enable you to better manage your network environment, and facilitate sound business decisions.

  • Implementation of networking solutions.

All of our activities will be clearly and accurately documented for your records.

Informational Notice There are three trajectories through this website, based on client type.  Choose the trajectory that best suits your needs.

... pursue Corporate, SOHO, or Residential networking services

Why choose Endeavor Networks Inc.?

We are highly organized, methodical, and professional in our service delivery.  Our documentation is asset worthy, and we fully engage our clients in knowledge transfer.

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