Residential Network and / or Telephone Cable Installation

SLT-3 Modular Cable Tester
Figure 1. Functional verification is performed in your presence, for peace of mind.
  • Want Internet or telecom access from any location within your home?
    We'll install Twisted Pair cabling to the service locations of your choice, and maintain the aesthetic integrity of your home in the process.

  • Surprised to find that the builder of your new home didn't terminate your data cables?
    We'll terminate and test the cables (Fig. 1), ensuring they are Ethernet network ready.

  • Trying to terminate your own Twisted Pair cabling, and experiencing a poor crimp yield?
    We have the professional grade tools and experience necessary, to resolve these cable termination issues.

  • WiFi wireless connectivity failing to meet your expectations?
    This may be attributable to sub-optimal Wireless Access Point (WAP) placement.  We can pull cable to facilitate optimal placement of your WiFi WAP(s).

  • Your children are maturing, and they now have connectivity needs and expectations?
    We can pull cable to appropriate service locations, whether that be a family room, or bedroom.

  • Have a need for speed?
    We can install Twisted Pair cabling that will facilitate up to 10 Gigabit (Gbps) Ethernet LAN performance.

Your investment in Ethernet network cabling is a wise one.  While not on par with a bathroom or kitchen renovation, it will add resale value to your home.

Why choose Endeavor Networks Inc.?

We are committed to maintaining the aesthetic integrity of your home via an in-wall cable installation.  We install plenum rated (improved fire safety standards) cabling for your family's safety.  We are familiar with the residential environment, as we have performed many residential network installations.

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