Residential Network Installation

Resource Sharing

A Home Network Installation from Endeavor Networks is the ideal solution for cost-effectively sharing your family's high-speed Internet connection and computing resources.  An Endeavor Networks installation will enable you to concurrently share your broadband Internet connection with other household members, and provide an enhanced level of security with a hardware firewall to protect your network perimeter from unauthorized access.  Establishing a local area network (LAN) within your residence allows your family to access Internet sourced media streams (video, music), and engage in other forms of on-line entertainment (e.g.: gaming).  It also enables convenient access to shared files, and minimizes cost by sharing access to your existing printer(s).

Network Connectivity

Family Members on Computer
Figure 1. Internet / Network access from locations of convenience.

Network connections wired to convenient locations throughout your home will enable you to access the Internet and your network resources from the location(s) of your choice (Fig. 1).  Network-attached printers and storage devices (if implemented) will be located for best advantage.  Endeavor Networks uses quality components and datacom cabling with recognized branding, to ensure reliability and facilitate up to 10 Gigabit Gbps Ethernet performance, providing you with fast file transfers and fast network printing.  Data cabling will be concealed within wall cavities or surface raceways to preserve the aesthetic integrity of your home.  Wireless solutions will be implemented when desired, or when premises design limits the feasibility of a wired solution.


Documentation and Education

The configuration of your home network will be thoroughly and accurately documented, and a complete set of these documents will remain on-site within the network documentation binder.  We will educate you about your home network and its underlying technology, to the degree that you desire.  This knowledge, coupled with the reference documents, will enable you to establish a suitable level of self-reliance, and to maximize the value of the installation experience.


Virtual Private Networking

Virtual Private Networking (VPN) provides the ability to securely connect to a private network through an unsecured public network such as the Internet, using authentication and encryption methods.  A standard Home Network installation from Endeavor Networks provides a level of virtual private networking that will meet the needs of most users.  Incremental levels of VPN functionality are optionally available to those who wish to securely connect to the Home Network from remote locations, or between peer networks.

Why choose Endeavor Networks Inc.?

A Home Network installation from Endeavor Networks is a comprehensive solution that will address all aspects of your installation needs.  It will leverage your existing investments, and allow your family to fully engage the on-line world.

It's time to deliver the benefits of a Home Network installation to your family.  Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation, and let the enjoyment begin.

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