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Security Solution Internet Security

Perhaps you have installed a broadband router, and have assumed that its default configuration provides adequate protection for your family.  It doesn't.  The default configuration of a Network Address Translation (NAT) gateway / router or firewall provides some protection from intrusion by denying inbound connections from the Internet.  However, all outbound connections are permitted, including those initiated by spyware and back door Trojan horses, unless specifically denied by careful configuration of your device.  Many of these devices offer advanced security features (requiring configuration) that provide the ability to filter (permit or deny) connections based on addresses, port numbers (applications), time constraints, and content.  Filters may be used to generate syslog messages that provide visibility into the activities occurring on your network.

Host (computer) based Internet security software offers complementary protection.  These products typically incorporate some form of firewall functionality, and they help identify the presence of spyware and other malicious code by notifying the user when applications attempt to establish connections in the background.  The effectiveness of these products can be hindered by the limits of a user's knowledge.  Anti-virus software is an absolute requirement when interacting with the online world.  But don't kid yourself, if your virus definitions are not current, you are exposed.

Endeavor Networks will implement a hardware firewall configured to permit the specific applications and protocols your family requires, or enhance the configuration of your existing device to protect your network perimeter from unauthorized access.  We will install and configure security software if desired, and we will discuss safe practices that will contribute to the protection of your data, and family.


Security Solution Wireless Security

Although consumer grade wireless access points (WAPs) and routers do incorporate security features, most are not configured by default.  If you have installed one of these devices, and have not specifically configured the wireless security features for your environment, you have inadvertently exposed your family and data to considerable risk.  Individuals within proximity of your unprotected wireless network may access your network, attempt to compromise your computers, eavesdrop on your communications / activities, and fully exploit your Internet connection.  These individuals may be your neighbours or transients (war-drivers) parked on the street.  Exploiting unprotected wireless networks has become sport (war driving) for some.  There are numerous websites detailing the locations of such networks.

If your existing wireless access device relies on the WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) security algorithm, and is not firmware upgradable to Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA2), it should be replacedWPA2 addresses a number of security vulnerabilities inherent in WEPWPA2 offers numerous advancements, such as improved key management, AES encryption, and 802.1x user authentication.

Endeavor Networks will provide and install a suitable wireless access device or configure your existing device with a full implementation of its security features.  Addressing the security issue will enable your family to enjoy the benefits of untethered access, without the worries.


Security Solution Virtual Private Networks

If you've experienced the need to access files that reside on your home network while away from the home, then Virtual Private Networking (VPN) is the solution for you.  Virtual Private Networks provide the ability to securely connect to a private network through an unsecured public network such as the Internet, using authentication and encryption methods.  VPN will enable you to access your home network resources from remote locations in a private and secure manner, without compromising the security of your home network.  It may also be used to establish private connections between peer networks such as those of your friends or family.

Endeavor Networks will provide and install a suitable VPN device, or utilize the capabilities of an existing device to establish the secure network connections you desire.  You will experience the satisfaction of knowing that your data and communications are protected from tampering and eavesdropping as they traverse the Internet.


Security Solution Other Security Initiatives

Contemplating other security initiatives not described here?

Contact us.  We may be able to assist you with your needs.

Why choose Endeavor Networks Inc.?

We will educate you about your security options, and implement the solution(s) most suited to your needs, and newly found abilities.  Our documentation will enable you to establish and maintain a functional awareness of your security posture.

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