Small Office / Home Office (SOHO) Network Documentation

In an environment where individuals often fulfill multiple roles and resources are limited, time is precious.  An organized reference (Fig. 1) of your network's configuration minimizes errors, aids problem resolution, and restores your focus on achieving business objectives.

SOHO Network Documentation
Figure 1. Our documentation will help you gain, and maintain control of your network, and its resources.

SOHO network documentation from Endeavor Networks may include:

  • A visual representation (topological drawing) of your network, overlayed with relevant configuration parameters.

  • Device (e.g.: firewall, gateway / router, wireless access point, print server) configuration, and software image backup.

  • A reference table correlating device hostnames and / or aliases, with corresponding Media Access Control (MAC) addresses, and Internet Protocol (IP) address reservations.

  • ISP (Internet Services Provider) assigned Internet connection parameters.

  • A cabling legend which maps cable IDs to corresponding on-premises service locations.

  • A reference table of device interconnections.

  • Other implementation specific parameters relevant to your business.

As a supplement to the network documentation binder, your outlets, network cables and power cords may be labelled for easy identification.

Protect your time and professional image, ensure that appropriate investments are made in documenting your network.

Why choose Endeavor Networks Inc.?

Plain language explanations suited to your needs, are an integral part of our documentation, and contribute to your understanding.  Our documentation will enable you to achieve a greater degree of self-reliance.  You'll find our documentation to be usable, even when your day-to-day focus is elsewhere, where it should be, on business objectives.

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