Small Office / Home Office (SOHO) Client Education

  • Want to minimize support costs and maintain piece of mind?
    We can help you achieve a suitable level of self reliance through education.

  • Anxious about potential loss of business data and / or interruption of business activities?
    We'll advise you on security policies and safe practices that will contribute to the protection of your business data, and mitigate the potential risks of your employee's Internet activities.

  • Grappling with business issues that can be overcome with technical solutions you don't understand?
    Whether it's Virtual Private Networking, Self-managed Server Hosting, or another solution you're evaluating, we can provide the clarity of understanding you desire.

  • Are conversations with your ISP's technical support staff a frustrating experience?
    We can equip you with knowledge sufficient to articulate your issues with confidence, and to expedite a resolution.

  • Have other educational interests not described here?
    Contact us. We may be able to assist you.

If operating your business requires subject matter expertise, wouldn't it make sense to also have some foundational knowledge of the network on which your business relies?  Even a modest investment can improve your circumstance.

Why choose Endeavor Networks Inc.?

Endeavor Networks can provide a tailored educational experience that will instill confidence, and improve your competence with networking technologies.  The knowledge gained will enable you to better manage your network environment, and facilitate sound business decisions.

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