Telecommuter Network Installation

Enhanced Productivity

A Telecommuter Network Installation from Endeavor Networks is the ideal solution for extending your corporate LAN and its resources to your telecommuters, in a secure manner.  It provides your telecommuter with secure connectivity to the corporate network through a standard residential Internet connection, while protecting your business data (in transit) from observation and tampering using encryption, authentication and access control.  Providing secure access to the business' information stores and other resources, when and where needed, will contribute to the enhanced productivity and effectiveness of these employees.


Your telecommuter's network perimeter will be protected from unauthorized access with a stateful packet inspection firewall, configured to allow the specific applications and protocols authorized by your company's security policy.  Appropriate measures will be implemented to ensure a secure separation between the activities of the Telecommuter and other household members, and that unauthorized users cannot access the corporate network via the secured Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection.  We will discuss security policies and safe practices that will contribute to the protection of your corporate data, and mitigate the potential risks of your telecommuter's Internet activities.


Network Connectivity

Network connections wired to convenient locations in the telecommuter's in-home office will enable them to access the Internet and your corporate network resources from the location of their choice.  Endeavor Networks uses quality components and datacom cabling with recognized branding, to ensure reliability and performance.


Documentation and Education

The configuration of your telecommuter's network will be thoroughly and accurately documented, and a complete set of these documents will be forwarded to the appropriate corporate contact.  Endeavor Networks will educate your telecommuter about their network and its underlying technology, to the degree that you desire.  This knowledge coupled with reference documents, will enable them to establish a suitable level of self-reliance, and to maximize the value of the installation.

Why choose Endeavor Networks Inc.?

There is a greater likelihood of reaching your business objectives when you eliminate the hurdles that hinder employee effectiveness.  Endeavor Networks offers an affordable VPN based solution that will enable you to achieve the increased productivity, flexibility, and cost benefits associated with a distributed telecommuter work force.

Contact us today to schedule your initial consultation, and soon, we will implement a solution that is sure to enhance your business' competitive abilities.

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