IT Networking Solutions and Services

Corporate Client Upgrading or installing a new cable plant?  We provide a datacom cabling service that can facilitate up to 10 Gigabit performance.  We provide secure connectivity solutions that will enhance your security posture and preserve the integrity / privacy of your data, and communications.  We provision telecommuters with secure access to Corporate resources through the use of Virtual Private Network (VPN) technologies.  We can visualize your network traffic with a network protocol analyzer, provide interpretation, and a diagnosis.  We provide “eyes and earssupport for those occasions when you want to lead, and just need a proxy to execute your instructions.  Our documentation is asset worthy.  It will help you maintain control of your (inter)network; minimize configuration errors, and provide a valuable starting point for diagnosis.  We fully engage our clients in knowledge transfer.

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SOHO Client Setting up, or reconfiguring a Small Office / Home Office (SOHO) business?  We provide a datacom cabling service that will establish the most productive environment possible.  Wireless (Wi-Fi) connectivity failing to meet your needs?  This may be due to sub-optimal Wireless Access Point (WAP) placement.  We can pull cable to facilitate optimal placement of your WAP(s).  We provide installation and secure connectivity solutions, as well as configuration services.  You will benefit from significant knowledge transfer as we guide you through your implementation options, and execute the most suitable solution(s) for your needs.  Our documentation will help to maintain your network in a manageable state, and contribute to a greater degree of self-reliance.  We possess the knowledge, experience, and diagnostic tools necessary to resolve your issues in a timely manner, and restore focus on objectives.

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Residential Client We provide a network cabling service that will establish connectivity where it's desired, and facilitate optimal placement of your Wireless Access Point(s).  We are committed to maintaining the aesthetic integrity of your home via an in-wall cable installation.  We provide a comprehensive network installation solution that will address all aspects of your installation needs.  It will leverage your existing investments, and allow your family to fully engage (streaming, gaming, etc.) the on-line world.  Our security solutions will enhance your family's privacy, and provide a safer, more secure online experience.  We provide configuration and diagnostic services.  We will educate you about your configuration options, and implement the solution(s) most suited to your needs.  Our documentation will enable you to establish and maintain a functional awareness of your network's configuration.

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Why choose Endeavor Networks Inc.?

We are highly organized, methodical, and professional in our service delivery.

We show up prepared, and on time.  We are attentive to the details, and we document our work.  We maintain healthy, sustainable client relations, with clear, timely, and respectful communications.  We conduct ourselves in a professional manner.  Your interests will be attended to, as though they were our own.  You will be given an opportunity to achieve a level of self-reliance, through knowledge transfer, to a degree that suits you.

You won't be given cause to regret the decision.

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