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  • alternativeTo
    meta description: Linux Software based on recommendations from users like yourself.  AlternativeTo lets you find apps and software for Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android, Android Tablets, Web Apps, Online, Windows Tablets and more by recommending alternatives to apps you already know.


  • netfilter.org
    content description: netfilter.org is home to the software of the packet filtering framework inside the Linux 2.4.x and later kernel series.  Software commonly associated with netfilter.org is iptables.  Software inside this framework enables packet filtering, network address [and port] translation (NA[P]T) and other packet mangling.  It is the re-designed and heavily improved successor of the previous Linux 2.2.x ipchains and Linux 2.0.x ipfwadm systems.



Browser Tests

  • Panopticlick
    content description: When you visit a website, online trackers and the site itself may be able to identify you – even if you’ve installed software to protect yourself.  It’s possible to configure your browser to thwart tracking, but many people don’t know how.  Panopticlick will analyze how well your browser and add-ons protect you against online tracking techniques.  We’ll also see if your system is uniquely configured—and thus identifiable—even if you are using privacy-protective software.



Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)

  • Mozilla Developer Network (sub page)
    content description: Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is an application-layer protocol for transmitting hypermedia documents, such as HTML.  It was designed for communication between web browsers and web servers, but it can also be used for other purposes.  HTTP follows a classical client-server model, with a client opening a connection to make a request, then waiting until it receives a response.  HTTP is a stateless protocol, meaning that the server does not keep any data (state) between two requests.  Though often based on a TCP/IP layer, it can be used on any reliable transport layer; that is, a protocol that doesn't lose messages silently, such as UDP.

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